Comso Synaptic Theory

Cosmic Consciousness

I sometimes think of humanity and myself as creatures floating in space, trying to understand our physical cage with science, math and physics. Then I begin to compare our struggle to unravel the mystery of the universe to an ant who has been asked to prove the earth is round, struggling to perceive the true nature of its own physical cage (does the ant even need be asked, perhaps they are thinking about this all the time).

Just as the ant is incapable of comprehending or proving the Earth’s curvature (who knows maybe it can), we humans may be equally limited in understanding the multi-dimensional aspects of reality. Our current perceptions and scientific tools are just as incapable of understanding the true nature of the universe and our own place in it. It may be forever illusive.

I believe a structures much larger than ourselves like galaxies or the universe possess consciousness. This idea is somewhat reflected in the philosophical notion of “panpsychism,” which proposes that consciousness is a fundamental feature of physical matter and the universe but I take it to a much larger extreme.

Imagine if a galaxies or clusters of galaxies formed a collective consciousness and were able to communicate with each other. The Gaia Hypothesis may extend to the entire universe and not be limited to our planet.

But I am not simply talking about Panpsychism, beyond every single object holding its own consciousness I believe they all work together to form a structure of consciousness at a cosmic scale, where galaxies are akin to neurons in a brain.

Is the purpose of this grand collective consciousness to produce the number 42? Maybe, but I get the feeling that it could be simulating a universe within its own mind, perhaps there is a multi level simulation, is there a way to know if we exist at the outermost base layer of the simulation, or are we in some type of inception style recursive simulation or dream layers below the base level reality?

I am afraid the answer to these questions is too complex for us to ever comprehend. But I bet that if indeed everything has some form of consciousness then every being has asked itself about that nature of its own cage. Perhaps as individual synapses we are incapable, but at the cosmic galactic collective consciousness scale we have the answer, perhaps we are still computing it and maybe that is it’s purpose and we are projecting the answer as we go, maybe this is why the galaxy is expanding, we keep asking questions and thus there needs to be more space for the compute to happen in as long as there is more problems to solve there will be a continued expansion of the universe.

I am aware in this writing I am being totally ignorant of what decades of science, math, physics and astrological learning have taught us, but this is my blog where I can think fancifully so if you don’t like it maybe you should turn off your internet.


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